Get Fit. Get Healthy. Get Full.
Meal plan and full guide to healthy food
Approaching weight loss precisely
and smart
Easy to follow eating program
Your all-in-one weight loss plan
Perfect for beginners, fitness experts
or "I'll start next Monday" types of person
The ultimate guide to losing those stubborn inches and getting  healthy for life
All nutrition secrets served on plate
It’s not your fault!
It's actually a real challenge to stay fit in the toxic environment of today, surrounded by this epidemic of "magic solutions"—low carb diets, low fat products, conspiracies that actually sound like they make sense, but in real life they just don’t work.
That's why I don't believe in diets, I believe in real food.
I believe in eating as much as you crave, as long as the foods you eat are healthy and clean. 
You can lose weight, feel amazingly good and comfortable in your own body, and improve your health while not feeling hungry ever again.
And I am going to help you!
- Monica May
This is how I got  my dream body!  And you can do it too, since  you're getting every single detail!
Detecting bad foods with ease
Smart timing plan
Step by step eating program
The basics of healthy food
Cooking guide
Easy to follow recipes
Mind setting techniques
Getting to know your enemies
I want to help all of you out there struggling  to  clean their diet!
  • Lose Weight
  • Build better body
  • Get healthy
  • Feel light and full
  • Get energized
  • Boost your endurance
  • Create healthy habits
    for life
  • Become your own
    nutrition expert
  • Remove mental blocks
  • Fall in love with healthy food
  • Get motivated and inspired
Take a peek!
Just wait until you see the results:

There are 7 days in the week,

and someday isn't one of them!

  • You've dreamed about it,
    now you can do it!
  • Don't wait a second longer,
    everything you need
    is already inside.
  • The question is not can you,
    but will you?! 

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About the author

Monica May is the owner of Fit Girl’s Diary, a blog about health and fitness. She’s also a personal trainer working with girls on losing weight and building muscles, certified nutritionist designing personal weight loss and muscle building meal plans, and a writer.

Through the years, Monica has changed the life of many girls by helping them get fit, healthy and achieve their full potential. She gets inspired by their stories daily, and tries to reflect the full experience on her blog, to reach out to as many girls as possible. Starting from full body workout programs, to tips, healthy recipes, and guidelines, Monica has built up a generator for fitness and weight loss.

With the help and never ending support of her boyfriend Matt, she managed to shape this book and pack everything you’ll ever need in the quest for a healthier “good-looking” self.

They dedicate this book to you, to help you get fit, healthy and full.

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